Inilah kisah anak muda yang kental tetapi berjiwa punk dengan dunia luar. Menerajui kehidupan dengan halobanya dan melayari bahtera kegembiraan bersama semua si mata pencarian yang teristimewa.

01 August 2011

Happy Fasting & Happy Mid-Sem Examination !

credit to all Muslims ! Happy Fasting yeaa ! btw, i just wanna tell ya sumthing huh . TOMORROW i have an examination.. Chemistry and English. awwwww ! -.-' i feel stress bcause i dont feel anything evnthough i hve an exam tomorrow. but someone shouted through my ears and they said , i've learn anything . ohh goshh ! i haven't read the books at all. i just do some revision but not at all. huhh. and i'm feeling guilty to my MAMA, Husna Abdul Hadi because she always ask me to study a lot for this exam. she wanna me to score in this exam. i'm so sorry mama if i cant get the best result with flying colours. i just do the way i am. i promise you that i'll not make you feel down. i'll do the best just for my PARENTS ! thank you mama and babah for being such a good parents to me.  i ♥ the both of you !! mmuuuahhhhxxx .... 

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...... hopefully, i can answer well for tomorrow. !

♥ AlyaniSaruan