Inilah kisah anak muda yang kental tetapi berjiwa punk dengan dunia luar. Menerajui kehidupan dengan halobanya dan melayari bahtera kegembiraan bersama semua si mata pencarian yang teristimewa.

02 April 2010 day!

i don't know what to do for today. Mama and papa just always busy with their works. emm. Everyday i just stay at home and looking around. Thinks about a lot of works..huhuhh..i wanna go for working but mama did not allow me!! so how come?? uurrrrggggggggghhhhhh...serious shit MAN!!

so...when i get too boring (HAHAHA)

then... i choww! to thats "kedai depan" by my lil bro bicycle!! HAHA. walaweyh!! look like PATI(Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin). Riding  alone untill that shops huhhh!!!!!

tp blasah je la...Bought a topup to release tension. without mana permission i just go there by myself !!
stand there untill someone ask me :"adek tak pergi sekolah ke?"...what the hell that mamat! of course la..i just said to him back: " alamak! bro.. dh abes skola la." Then i just chow. continue riding to back home.

Along the journey, such a bad day...RAINING!!  omg.. i such feel a very very very BAD day!! uhhhh..
serious shit (i said)...HAHA... suddenly....when i was very happy go thru the rainy day... a "mak cik" called me: "dek!! meh dok umah mak cik berteduh sat!!!! hujan ny! dok sta pon tak pa la!!!".... i just continue riding by myself..HAHA....ashamed with that "mak cik" and her sons! HAHA..

so FUNNY!  :D

ride and ride and ride...... HAHA

when reached home!
as fast as the furious, i open the gate and lock it back as usual.HAHA.... "cik Mar" my neighbours in front of my house just looked at me.. i just starred at cool..


my shirt!! OMG.. my scarf! ouhhh....bcause i was a PLKN's student..(what is the point??)HAHA so, i just accept that God's fate to me as a stubborn girl..  :(

then, i entered to the toilet for bathing....HEHE....... my cellphone!!!!!!!!!!owh suddenly rang... shit!! my BF called me..because i did not answer him's.......... emmm.....i answer it huhh after wore all shirts.....
he mad towards me!! ouh DAMN!!!!

i dont like this!!!!! my mind is full of  CRAZY things!! i just ignored him..and sat at the balcony..and thinks about him again and again...ouhhhhh!!i called him back and ask him to forgive my fault....then i need to swear to him...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! MAN!!! so, i just do...

later on..we back as usual...

thats all my SHIT day!!  nobody understand  me  :(((

~adyanie Co0L  :D ~


  1. kilaa...memg gila. ride sorg nek basikal..dah la kene kcw dgn budak2 yg ponteng skola..isk3. :DD