Inilah kisah anak muda yang kental tetapi berjiwa punk dengan dunia luar. Menerajui kehidupan dengan halobanya dan melayari bahtera kegembiraan bersama semua si mata pencarian yang teristimewa.

17 December 2009

music is my life!

who did not love music ryte, nowadays.? haha. the local instument that i only have are my guitar, piano and keyboard. huhh.those things were bought by papa. uhuhh. never forget the moment that i guess to papa for learning guitar wif him. he shocked doo wif my opinion.! haha. but since i was 15th years old until i am 17th years old today, papa still teach me the best skill of guitar. ahahaha. love u la papa. piano huhh? based on papa and mama. they were sent me to a piano class somewhere in my country (kota tinggi) loh. most of my friends there were Chinese. juz only me and my lil bro were muslims there.haha looks so funny lolz! but they were accepting  me as well as they can. when i was 8th years old, papa had sent me to learn organ and keyboard with an organ teacher. i still remember her which i call her "miss Low".after class i'll going to "sekolah agama".haha. nobody know that. during 13th years old, i've change my plan to learn piano until today. my life such can be said that full of music's lifestyle. until i was 17th years old, i still learn wif all that things.i love music very much lolz..very love..hahaha. so, enjoy wif music and have fun wif that!!  ;p

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